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coming together

After a couple hiccups with equipment and weather, we now have eight of our ten beds assembled. This is an example of our mini lasagna beds: Step 1: level the bed and soil

Step 2: add a thick layer of newspaper (cardboard works too). This is to prevent weeds and other nasties from coming up

Step 3: fill with leaves (and other organic material as you can get your hands on)

For this one we have also installed a floating cover, which we hope to plant overwintering crops in. Nice view!

One setback, which we'll have to see how serious is next season, is this root disease that we found on both our tomatoes and beans. Any suggestions for prevention or treatment welcome!

a view from above! That's us, by the benches, the green field is city square, and Cambie Street is behind it although the garden is NOT visible from the street

a view from the south

We have disbanded our regular Sunday meetings, but there will still be chances to get involved! Write to SPEC or to to find out how!

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Last of the Fall Gold

Last Friday we had our first official snowfall (more than three weeks later than average); a mere “trace”, but a measurable one. Today we will set a record high temperature---into the upper 70’s---for this date.

Our growing cycle for this year seems to have been set last spring when I noted (here) how late the woody plants were coming into leaf and bloom. All of the seasons since then have followed in synch and arrived/extended a bit off the norm. That’s OK. Sometimes it takes the “not-normal” to open our eyes to the world around us.

What have you been seeing lately?

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Interesting Phenomenon

This past weekend my shrubs were at the peak of their fall color show. The compact burning bush (Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'), with its florescent, hot pink foliage, is especially stunning this year.

However, when viewed from behind (the scene from my office window), you can see that the foliage on the interior of the plant has gone completely white. I don’t remember seeing this happen before. The leaves seem to be fading from the darker, interior areas of the plant out to the edges of the branches.
Has our unseasonably warm weather this autumn allowed the colored foliage to fade without falling? Given enough time, could this plant be completely covered in white foliage?

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