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Winter Greetings

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since my last post! Time flies when you’re having fun . . . or just plain busy.

On the fun front, we celebrated our daughter’s birthday last week---my “baby” just turned 25 years old! We’ve also been to several holiday gatherings and special get-togethers with friends; always fun no matter what time of year it is! In fact, the planter/bowl featured in this photo was purchased at Urban Roots last week during their holiday open house. Last, my DH and I are planning a two week road trip to California. Our vacation will include visits with family in northern California and Lake Tahoe, as well as a tour through Death Valley (never been, can’t wait!).

The busy has been fun, too. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on the proof of my book, Plant Smart! Six Steps to Choosing Perfect Plants. The art director and I are working together, back and forth; to create an attractive, readable format that complements the book’s content. I can’t wait for you to see it! Keeping up with my volunteer obligations and preparing for several lectures in January have also kept me glued to the keyboard.

Watching the weather out my office window has been the extent of my garden activities of late. I hope to return in the New Year with lots of photos of beautiful places and gardens from my winter travels to share with you.

In the meantime, if anyone has a favorite independent garden center or book store that they could refer me to for possible book sales, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you to all of my readers and best wishes for warm and happy holidays!

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SPEC AGM and Holiday Party

SPEC recently hosted its 2008 annual general meeting and its holiday party. We had a great time meeting with our members, enjoying local food made by board members and celebrating our volunteers.

Here is Vicky Baker who won our 'volunteer of the year' award.
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Vicky!
Teomi and Betsy Mae enjoying the party.

Joanna, Saskia, Dan, Jay and Betsy Mae eating food and watching the slide show.

AGM meeting

Karen and Gerry getting down to business.

A full house.

The board members were responsible for bringing the food and beverages. Our goal was to make our spread as local (within BC) as possible. It was a great success.

I enjoyed the challenge and made Spelt-Stuffed Sweet Peppers. The peppers were grown at the UBC greenhouse and the spelt, mushrooms and onions were all BC grown. The only ingredient that was not local was the olive oil. Although, I felt it was allowed because I purchased it in Italy from the grower and physically carried it with me home.

Sweet pepper plants growing at the UBC greenhouse.

Spelt-Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Here in Vancouver this morning we awoke to our first snow fall. Its a winter wonderland!
We may just have a white holiday season after all.
Happy Holidays,

Veggie containers under snow.

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Let it Snow!

This is a view of my Sunday afternoon garden. We finally got a “real” snow---about 2-3 inches. Many areas south of us and into the mountains got much, much more; well over a foot in some areas. I’m thankful for the little bit of moisture my garden will receive, and for a beautiful start to the holiday season!

A quick reminder: if you are interested in learning about landscape design, then join me at Denver Botanic Gardens this Sunday, December 7th, from 9:00-4:00, for my presentation of Landscape Design Theory.

Go here for more information and to register for the class.

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