Take a Seat . . .

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. . . Any seat! One of the most valuable components of a landscape, whether large or small, is destination seating. Every garden should have a spot where you can sit and relax, dream and scheme! More importantly, a place to stop and view the garden away from your main window or patio/deck view gives you a whole new vista to appreciate. It's almost like getting two gardens for the price of one!

Another reason to create a destination seating area is that it will pull you into the garden. There's nothing like actually walking through the space, instead of just viewing it as a static "picture", to get you interacting with nature again.

And finally, a pair of chairs - like those in the Denver garden (bottom photo), a teak bench - like the one in my garden (top photo), a large boulder, etc. can also act as a focal point in the garden. Try and select a seat that is harmonious in color, materials, or character to other furnishings in your landscape. Choose materials that are low maintenance or attractive to you in their rustic state. Also think about weight - you don't want something that will end up in the next county every time the wind blows.

Now sit back and enjoy!

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