100th Post...An Exciting Announcement

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I'm thrilled to announce that I have recently been awarded a contract by American Nurseryman Publishing Company to write a new book on gardening. The working title is “Plant Smart! Six Steps to Choosing Perfect Plants” and the release date will probably be sometime in early 2009.

This is a very exciting project for me for several reasons. First, it will allow me to put a lot of the information that I have been teaching for many years into a simple, permanent reference format for those who prefer to learn on their own and/or don’t have access to a formal classroom setting. Second, it will give me professional recognition beyond the Denver region that will enable me to lecture on a national level---something I have aspired to for many years as I truly enjoy public speaking. And last, this will be a new professional challenge for me, a non-writer!

This blog was created, in part, as a writing exercise tool---a journal, if you will---to keep me thinking about words and how to express ideas and observations. So now, along with continuing to post about plants and gardening, art and fiber, I will also be writing about the process of creating and publishing a book.

Wish me luck!

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