One Week Ago

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That’s me, seated at the news desk of Denver’s Channel 7 TV with Steve Saunders and Dale Cedars. I was there as a representative of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado to talk about what can be done in the winter landscape. Our emphasis was on working with a landscape professional (like me!) right now to plan and/or schedule your outdoor projects for the upcoming spring. Most landscape businesses are at their slowest right now, so it’s much easier for consumers to get prompt, attentive service.

We also talked about some of the activities that, weather permitting, you can do in your garden right now:

1. Demolition! Out with the old to make way for the new. A great way to burn some calories on a brisk winter day.

2. Hardscape installation. Some non-plant elements of the landscape can be built in all but the worst weather. Think decks, arbors, fences, retaining walls, paver patios, and the like.

3. Mulching. Once the ground is frozen you can spread a nice layer (2-3” deep) of organic mulch or evergreen boughs to protect perennials, in particular, from the freeze-thaw cycle so typical of our crazy temperature swings.

4. Pruning. Before the buds break dormancy is the time to prune most of your woody plants. This is absolutely the best time of year for any radical pruning such as renewal or rejuvenation techniques.

5. Clean, sharpen and oil your hand tools. Sand the wooden handles lightly before applying a nice coat of mineral oil (have the tool and oil at room temperature!).

6. Run and play! Enjoy a whole new season in your garden!

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