Hear Ye, Hear Ye

A new year brings new happenings. This first quarter of 2008 will be a busy one for me.

First up: a lecture to fellow landscape professionals at the ProGreen EXPO here in Denver. On Wednesday, January 23rd I’ll be speaking on Color Theory for Gardens and Landscapes. It’s an introduction to color vocabulary, the color wheel, and color harmonies based on the color wheel. There are many people working in the green industry who don’t have any basic art background, and color can be down right scary sometimes (or so I’ve been told)! I finally have enough digital photos (and a few favorite old slides scanned) to put this lecture into Power Point. Yea! I’ve joined the 21st century!

Next: a mini-trade show for consumers will be hosted by Echter’s Garden Center in Arvada. March 7-9 I’ll be chatting it up with garden lovers about landscape design, great plants, and the new service I’m offering this year, garden coaching (more to come on that subject)! I hope to see you there.

Finally: the big enchilada---on April 1st my book manuscript for Plant Smart! Six Steps to Choosing Perfect Plants is due to the publisher---yikes! Actually, I’ve made great progress these last couple of months and am beginning to see the end in sight. I’ve had some thoughtful critiques from early readers, so I’m looking forward to working with my editor on the next phase.

Here’s wishing you new challenges, adventures, and growth (ha-ha) in 2008!

The photo? It's a recent sample for my latest fiber art piece. Any guesses what the components are???

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