Notes from last Sunday at City Square

A few musings through recent observations -

The City has been in to repair the sprinklers, and the lettuce seems to have survived without too much damage! Now if only we could figure out when they go off.....

Something (or someone?) has been eating the garlic tops! Squirrels? Raccoons? A mystery to be solved!

Most of the peas seem to have survived this crazy weather, but haven't grown much. The fava beans planted last fall, although sparse, have grown to about 8"! Also, some lost kale and romaine we must have planted last fall have also begun to grow.

The 'storage area' behind the bench has been cleaned, and after all season with that organic matter on it, looks to have arguably some of the best soil in the garden!

And lastly, the soil was prepared and a 4'x4' square foot frame laid out in preparation for planting with the daycare this Wednesday, April 23! We will have some kids planting and others weeding, while exploring the natural cycle of food. If you would like to volunteer, contact me at

We also look forward to the delivery of about 150 lbs of worm castings, which will help immensly to help build the soil!

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