Turning in the tomatoes for roof reno's

Its time to clear the roof in preparation for some roof renovations. We are getting ready to put in a new deck - so exciting! It means we have to close the shop down early for the season.

Volunteers are needed for Wednesday September 10 at 10am on the roof to help prepare. Please join us.

Carole picking the last of the tomatoes. Even though the poor plants were sickly with what we think is a potato blight they did manage to produce some lovely fruits.

Carrots did great growing in a container. We planted the seeds in mid July and harvested some lovely carrots in early September.

Members of the food committee enjoying fresh carrots.

Laura, our summer intern, has returned back to university for the fall. We celebrated all her hard work with a 'Laura Lunch'. We enjoyed the most delicious Indian food.

Ladies dining for Laura Lunch.

Our rainbow lunch at Akbar's Own. It was fabulous.

Its amazing that September is already here. We will keep you posted on how the rooftop renovations go.

Happy Harvesting!

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