Cha- cha- cha- cha… Changes!

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I’ve instituted a few changes to The Art Garden today that I hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore:

I’ve added a Lecture Schedule that lists the dates and topics of my upcoming speaking gigs. Many of them are in association with my new book, Plant Smart! Six Steps to Choosing Perfect Plants, which will be arriving in early 2009. (In fact, I’ve just spent the past week pouring over my editor’s proof. Now it’s off to the art department. Yippee!) I enjoy speaking to both consumers and trade professionals alike; please contact me at if you would like more information about a variety of landscape/garden lecture topics for your garden group, staff or clients.

You will also see a change-up in my blog list. I’ve dropped a few blogs that are not active, and added a few new ones; including the infamous Garden Rant (Maddening? Yes. Thought provoking? Yes. Worth your time? Maybe!).

Thanks for visiting today!
Photo: Maximillian sunflower, Helianthus maximiliana, blooming in my garden today.

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