3,596 Miles

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Now that’s a road trip! Our two week odyssey took us from Denver to Las Vegas, through Death Valley and California’s Central Valley to the far north coast of the Pacific Ocean, across to Lake Tahoe, then back home again via Salt Lake City. Whew! Not only did we log a lot of miles, but we also experienced some crazy extremes in elevation: Vail Pass, Colorado at 10,666 feet above sea level to 282 feet below sea level at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park, California. We were fortunate, and down right lucky, to have wonderful weather and good roads the entire time we were traveling.

The vast, extreme vistas in Death Valley are amazing. It took us an entire day to make the basic loop around the perimeter of the park ---it’s the size of New Hampshire, after all! I would recommend staying at one of the lodges or campsites inside the park (which we did not do) if you really want to explore it more thoroughly, hike, etc. Today’s photos feature the salt flats around Badwater Basin.

Above: Looking back at the observation deck.
Below: Nope, that's not frozen snow slush, it's salt!

Click here to start planning your visit to Death Valley National Park.

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