!Yes I can!

Caitlin and I gave our first Yes I Can! workshop yesterday at False Creek Community Center. I think it turned out well. Definitely a learning process for everyone. We used plums from Osoyoos, BC (399 km distance) to make Plum Jam.

Betsy and I biked around town picking up the supplies.
The stroller serves as a great 'workshop on wheels'.

There were 8 participants all with different levels of experience.
Some definitely more eperienced than me.


We used No-Sugar Pectin for our Jam. We did three separate batches using low (1/2 cup), medium (1 cup) and high (2 cups) levels of sugar. After some taste tests, most people preferred the medium-sugar jam over the high-sugar jam.

Looking for the 'rolling boil'.
I learned a great trick from reading Diane's blog (http://communitykitchens.wordpress.com/category/canning-diary/).
Wrap warm jars in newspaper after they are done. That way they are easy to trasport.

That's all for now!

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