Gifting Part 2

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Two words, folks: gift certificate! This is another easy out as far as shopping goes. Click on a web site, make a phone call, or write up your own special card. Here are a few ideas to ponder:

  1. A gift certificate to a nursery or garden center. Need plants, gloves, pots, soil amendments, books, hats, sprinklers, mulch, stepping stones…..? You get the picture. Whether you know someone who loves to garden, or is just starting out, they will enjoy picking out exactly what they need (or maybe just fancy) from a large array of products.
  2. A gift certificate for a gardening class. Pick up a course catalog from your local community college, rec center, or botanic garden and wrap it up with a “you choose, I pay” card. If you can include an offer to watch the kids or get dinner on class days you will earn big, big bonus points!
  3. A gift certificate for professional services. Consider things like a design consultation (yes, I have done this several times for people, and it’s great fun), delivery and tilling of compost, pruning services by a certified arborist, having a stone patio or deck installed, an irrigation system upgrade, lawn service for a year, etc.
  4. A gift certificate for your own time. A book of 10 (or more!) I.O.U. tickets for an hour of weeding. How about a promissory note to spread a load of mulch, till the veggie garden, or fertilize the water lilies (on schedule, all summer!), etc. You get the picture.
  5. A gift certificate for a garden vacation. Feeling really flush? Perhaps your favorite gardener would love to take a tour of the gardens of Italy or France (these things exist!). Who wouldn’t want to go to the Chelsea Flower Show in England, or see the springtime tulip displays in the Netherlands? Closer to home, a visit to the Northwest Flower &Garden Show in Seattle is a real treat.

Have fun dreaming up the perfect gift certificate for your gardener!

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