Iris, Iris, Everywhere!

Iris germanica

Big, bold, showy blooms in colors galore! To me, bearded iris symbolize the beginning of the summer flower season. "This is what you've been waiting for!" they shout.

Iris germanica love full sun and are quite drought tolerant. They do require dividing every few years, but their shallow root systems make this an easy task.

Great companion plants include penstemons, salvias, sedums, and veronicas.
I don't have a very big collection of iris in my own garden, so I thoroughly enjoy seeing all the wonderful varieties on display when I'm out walking, biking, or visiting clients' neighborhoods throughout the city. I've posted about a couple of commercial iris gardens in the area, Longs Gardens, in Boulder, and Iris4u in Denver. They're always a treat to visit, and now is prime viewing time. Go! Get inspired and add some new iris to your garden this year. I plan to!

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