Buddleia Buffet

Chow time! Come and get it! Soup's on at the all-you-can-eat Buddleia Buffet!  Butterfly bush really does attract the butterflies - and all manner of nectar loving insects - and my 20 year old Buddleia davidii 'Dark Knight' always provides a great show.

Yesterday afternoon I was thrilled to see dozens of these little Peck's Skipper butterflies flitting around. Their golden color was a beautiful contrast to the purple blossoms and made them easier to see, despite their small (less than 1") size.

I was standing in the garden trying to identify these little guys with my ancient Golden Nature Guide to Butterflies and Moths, when one of them landed right on "their" page of my open book!  Ah, life in the garden.

This West Coast Lady is considerably larger. There were several of them feeding on the shrub, too.

And of course, loads of giant bumblebees bumbling around. 

 A Monarch fluttered past, but didn't settle in to dine (hence no photo). They're not unheard of here, but I don't see them very often, so that was a real treat.

Consider adding a butterfly bush to your garden. They need full sun and moderately moist to dry soil. Several different colors are available, and a number of dwarf varieties, too.  For great mid-summer color, fragrance, and butterflies galore, think Buddleia!

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