Public Art: The Red Forest

The Red Forest, by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, is a public art piece very recently installed at the base of the Millennium Bridge at16th Street and Little Raven in Denver. I like it very much, and can't wait to observe it on a windy day (plenty of those around here!). The vibrant color adds energy to a bustling pedestrian plaza, and the large scale, grass-like forms are right at home here.

The artist's statement:
The Red Forest is a dynamic sculpture that uses color, vertical forms, the natural environment, repetition of form and the imagination of the viewer to transform a site and echo an organic, primordial past.

The Red Forest is also a changing work, from upright, orderly serenity to gently pulsing abstraction when moved by the wind. The reeds move together to form transitory patterns then separate and open up to reveal new aspects of the sculpture. People can move freely around the sculpture to enjoy the reflective and mesmeric nature of the work.

 Unfortunately, I think the site selection  is an incredibly poor match for this piece. The artwork is linear - to the extreme - and it is lost in the busy (and linear)architecture surrounding it: brickwork, riser-less stairs, window frames, etc.  It's also crammed between walls and  a stairway, denying the artist's intent that the sculpture be interactive.

I'm a big fan of public art, so it's especially disappointing to see such a near miss...  

The Red Forest was fully funded by the Riverfront Park Community Foundation.

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