Friday Afternoon Garden Club 11.05.2010

It’s FAC time in The Art Garden!  Grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair.  You didn’t really want to work this afternoon anyway, did you?  Leave a comment to join the garden party.
Today’s topic:
 As the weather turns cold, most of us will be spending more time indoors reading about plants and gardens than doing any actual gardening.  My favorite garden reading right now is Gardens Illustrated magazine, from Great Britain. As an experienced gardener it's easy for me to discard the gardening/plant information that's not appropriate for my region, yet glean plenty of new ideas worth trying.  Mostly, I appreciate the magazine's focus on British and, especially, European design. The ideas seem fresh and different, yet readily adaptable to our plants and climate.
What is your favorite gardening magazine, and why? Do you depend on different magazines for different aspects of gardening, such as design, plant profiles, and gardening how-to?

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