Meet. . . Kolkwitzia!

That's right; coal-QUIT-see-uh! Also known as beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis is one of those great, old fashioned shrubs that's experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Why?

First, it's incredibly floriferous at a time - right now! - when few other shrubs are in bloom.  The bell shaped flowers are a soft  pink that blends well with other colors, cool hues in particular.

I love the golden, lace-like pattern hiding inside the flowers

Second, the pale, exfoliating (peeling) bark is unusual and a great feature for winter interest.

Third, its large vase/fountain form makes it ideal to use as a single specimen.  In fact,  with a bit of focused pruning, this plant could function as a small, ornamental tree; mature height is 10-15 feet.
A giant beauty bush in old north Denver

Last, Kolkwitzia is very adaptable. It tolerates full sun or partial shade and has low water needs.  Companion plants for my beautibush (below) include Centranthus, Ceratostigma, and Allium christophii.
this young Kolkwitsia 'Pink Cloud' in my garden will max out at 6-10 feet

Bonus points if you guessed that this photo - featured last week on Wordless Wednesday - is Kolkwitzia!

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