Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 4.15.2012

It's so rewarding to see so many plants in bloom this month!  April flowers are our colorful reward after a long winter's nap.  Although I don't think of my own garden as having a particularly dazzling early spring display, there are at least a few things to share with you today:

The prairie garden is coming to life

Although the buffalo grass is still dormant...
the first of the species tulips, T. dasystemon, are on show
...and the Caragana is blooming.

The back border is awash in lilacs and mahonia                                    
Syringa vulgaris
Mahonia aquifolium
Bergenia cordifolia
and the standing-on-my-head shot
The pond is not ready for prime-time, but some of the surrounding plants are at their flowering peak now.   These plants provided evergreen foliage all winter:
variegated Vinca minor
candytuft, Iberis sempervirens
Turkish veronica, V. liwanensis

Across the entry garden mahonia, vinca and an informal hedge of Cameo quince:

It's always fun to look back and compare today's bloomers with those from last year.  2012 will certainly go down as an "early" and floriferous Spring!

Don't forget to visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to find links to other gardens from around the world that are sharing their colorful blooms today too!

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