Surprise Potatoes

Potatoes are popping up everywhere at the YWCA Rooftop Food Garden.  We've found them hiding among the peas, flourishing in the compost bins, and trying to disguise themselves as strawberries. Our potato bed is already planted with Russian Banana Fingerlings and Yukon Gold, so we've started transplanting volunteers into large pots, wooden planters, and even burlap sacks!  Planting potatoes in containers comes with the added bonus that you can start with just a bit of soil (about 1/3), and then add more throughout the season instead of 'hilling up.'  Harvest is as easy as turning the whole thing upside-down!

Notice how these happy transplants are planted into the bottom 1/3 of the planter.

Burlap sacks are often available for free - just ask your local coffee roaster!

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