Cambie Garden - August 18

Quite the busy time at the garden today - we watered, trimmed and harvested and then watered again - this has been the hottest week of the summer and the garden was very dry ........ but all that sun has provided the beans and cherry tomatoes with the boost they needed to begin ripening.  Unfortunately all the heat has prevented our lettuce, frisee and onions from sprouting - just not enough water

first ripe tomatoes - Galina (yellow), Kimberley (red) Rose Quartz (pink) and Golden Child beans (planted June 24!!) - very prolific; and the basil is loving the hoop house

  have a look at the wonderful shape of the Medovaya Kaplya tomatoes (still green on the vine)

and more beans - this one is a runner bean - Painted Lady - a very old variety - we'll keep these for fresh seed
and a big thank you to Itzia for keeping our hedge trimmed to provide more light for our Brussels Sprouts
the dahlias are blooming and more greens (chives, kale, sorrel and chard) are ready for picking - late summer is on the horizon ........... next week we hope to sow more seeds for our fall/winter crops

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