October means Orange!

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The last few days I've been seeing orange everywhere!  From soft, pale coral to intense, almost red (and I'm not even talking pumpkins!). . .

'Autumn Brilliance' serviceberry. This Amelanchear may morph into red.

Engleman ivy.  Parthenocissus may run rampant, but fall color never disappoints.

St. Johnswort.  Hypericum is not known for its fall color, but it's always showy.

The plumes get the press with maiden grass, but Miscanthus foliage color is terrific.

An unknown hawthorn, Crataegus spp., gets orange right.

Orange sand cherry, Prunus besseyi, plays well with the blue berries of Oregon grape holly, Mahonia.

Wind delivered beauty: leaves from a neighbor's 'Autumn Blaze maple, Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred'.

Little bluestem grass, Schizachyrium scoparium, has luscious color that will hold well into winter.   

Orange you glad it's October?

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