Happy New Year 2013!

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I always look forward to the New Year with anticipation.  It's time to renew and refresh, set goals and create action plans.

Here at The Art Garden I've changed things a bit with a new design template.  The look is still fairly clean and easy to read, but I've added a backdrop photo.  I'll change this out as the seasons progress (or on a whim, you never know).  Please let me know if you like it, or if it's a distraction from the "main event".  I've also added "share" buttons at the end of each post which I hope you'll enjoy using.


One of my gardening goals for 2013 is to add more plants to my home's interior spaces. The amaryllis (Hippeastrum spp.) pictured here was a mere bulb in a pot when it was gifted to me at Thanksgiving (thanks, Mary!). I kept it on my desk and watched it grow very quickly — like time-lapse film in real time!

What a joy to watch the big buds unfurl and have these monster blooms keep me company as I worked.  Now I'm looking forward to finding more plants that will tolerate low light, cool temps, and a small space.  Any ideas?

What are your garden goals for 2013?  Now's the time to dream, study, and plan ... and I'm here to help!

Again, best wishes to you for a fantastic 2013, and thanks for visiting The Art Garden.

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