Local Growth

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Ever wonder where your plants come from? Colorado has a thriving greenhouse and nursery industry to provide plants that are adapted to our climate and soils. Sure, a lot of our evergreens come from big California or Oregon growers, like Hines and Monrovia, and they provide a good product. But if you shop at a local, independent garden center, you'll find many, many "home grown" plants to choose from.

This week I had the opportunity to visit Boxelder Creek Nurseries in Hudson. This is the state's largest wholesale nursery at 870 acres. There are over one million plants from seedlings to 6" caliper trees in the ground, and thousands more in containers or B&B. They grow over 1,100 varieties (yes!) of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and vines. There's nothing like seeing row after row of beautiful plants to get excited and inspired about gardening.

So shop locally and support your Colorado growers!

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