Meet . . . Zauschneria!

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Now say that three times as fast as you can! This long blooming perennial is commonly referred to as Hummingbird Trumpet or California Fuchsia, but I prefer to use the botanical name, Zauschneria, for clarity. The tall (3') form, Z. arizonica, is quite drought and heat tolerant, once established. It blooms in my garden from late August into fall. The lower form, Z. garretti, is great in rock gardens or along walkways. It is not quite as drought tolerant, but is much longer blooming---from July through fall. Both of these plants feature hummingbird attracting orange trumpet-shaped flowers. They prefer well drained soil and a good half to full day of sunshine.

The strong orange flower color of Zauschneria calls for companion plants with strong colors as well. Try Missouri evening primrose, globe thistle, 'Moonshine' yarrow or blue avena grass.

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