Happy March 1st!

I always like to think of March 1st as the first day of spring. Wrong! Five inches of snow yesterday and a cold, blustery day today. But the warm days are more frequent now, and it makes sense to get out into the garden. My chores this month include cutting back all of the old stems from my perennials, and cutting back all of my ornamental grasses as well. I leave all my leaf debris/mulch until April to help insulate my plants during this, our snowiest month of the year.

Hopefully by next week my internet access issues will be resolved---I'm doing a "remote" post today---and I can post some photos of my first blooming flowers of the year.

Those of you in the Denver area: tune in to Channel 7 on Saturday morning (March 3). I'm slated for a quick three minute chat about planning for spring.

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