Crazy Busy!

Crazy busy in the garden this past weekend! My main goal was to stain our old fence---you can see the results in the photo above. The fence is cedar, and most surfaces had weathered to a very pale straw color. I was ready for a new look, so I used a semi-transparent oil based stain in a dark blue-grey color. I like the semi-transparent stain because it creates an uneven color wash that keeps an aged, rustic look. I’m pleased with the results. The darker hue really makes the plants pop!

Meanwhile, husband Jim and a couple of his pals had great fun cleaning out and re-plumbing the koi pond. All of the hardy water lilies, lotus, etc were set into a tank so the pond could be drained most of the way down (the fish were happier to stay in the bottom of the pond than be moved in and out---less stressful for us, too!). A wet vac was used to slurp up the accumulated black goo---icky stuff that went straight to the compost pile! Then the external pump, in need of expensive repairs (again!) was switched out for a submersible type. Much quieter, and will allow for better water circulation in the pond as well.

Last, but not least, I got all of my patio pots planted with annuals. I’m actually a week ahead of schedule on this---Yea! This year I chose to go with a specific color scheme, inspired by my findings at the garden center. Lots of coral, dark purple and chartreuse. Sounds weird, but I’m pleased with the results. And isn’t that the point of gardening? Photos to come when the plants fill in a bit.

Hope you are enjoying this moist, lush Spring in your garden!

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