Garden Tour Season

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Garden tour season has begun! Now through August you can enjoy visiting gardens around the region on almost any weekend. I love garden tours! I always get inspired by the show of personal creativity expressed in each setting. It’s fun to see different plant/color combinations and to oooh and aaah over the plants I love but can’t manage to grow in my lean, sandy soil; like viburnums (I love viburnums)! And nothing beats a really great shade garden, except maybe a really great xeriscape. See what I mean?

If you love wandering through old neighborhoods, and if the terms “quirky” and “funky” have a positive appeal, then don’t miss the 7th Annual Enchanted Gardens of Northwest Denver tour next Saturday, June 9th. This is a fun one, folks! Be sure to stop by the Victorian home on Shoshone Street. I designed the landscape just a few years ago, but it’s really filling in nicely. I'll be there in the morning to answer questions and talk about gardens and design. See you there!

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