Meet. . .Centranthus!

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Red valerian and Jupiter’s beard are two common names for Centranthus ruber. Centranthus is in full bloom right now, and will continue to flower, off and on, throughout the summer and fall. Deadhead it regularly for the best repeat blooms and also if you don’t want it to reseed. Ideally, each flower head should be cut back to a leaf node, but when I’m in lazy gardener mode (often!) I just whack it back with hedge shears! Centranthus has a tendency to wander, although I don’t consider it truly invasive---it’s very easy to control. Centranthus is very accommodating, adapting to full or partial sun and moderate to dry growing conditions. It looks great with blue flowers or silver foliage. Combine it with Rocky Mountain Penstemon, May Night Salvia, or cat mint (Nepeta), and lamb’s ears (Stachyz). Centranthus alba is a white flowering form that is wonderful for brightening up a lightly shaded garden.

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