Bedding Plants

The idea of using annuals to fill an entire planting bed is alive and well in the Denver parks system. As you drive along city boulevards or stroll through almost any city park you’ll see massive displays of color in beautiful (and free!) public gardens. The city has its own greenhouses and plans and grows thousands of flowers, grasses and beautiful foliage plants (coleus, kale, abutilon, etc) each spring. Most often they do a great job of combining plants that will have an impact on a massive scale. I enjoy visiting Washington Park, in particular, to check out the gardens. A lot of attention obviously goes into selecting “the best” plant combinations, but they don’t always work; I learn a lot from critiquing both.

Wherever you live, I hope you can take advantage of these last few weeks of summer and visit your local public gardens.

Here are some views of Washington Park from September 1, 2007.

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