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This is how soil is made; Plants and other forces of nature breaking down rocks into tiny particles. Several Palace Purple coralbells (Heuchera micrantha ‘Palace Purple’) were planted at the base of this rock about 15 years ago. Within just a few years we noticed a seedling peeking out from this crack. Each year this “seedling” gets just a bit bigger and, in fact, we now have another sprout on top of the boulder! Interestingly, there have never been any seeds germinate in the soil around the mother plant…

I’ve been thinking a lot about soils lately; because that is the chapter I’m working on for my book right now. It’s a huge, complex topic that I need to distill and simplify in a concise and logical way. So tell me, what is the best advise regarding soil that you’ve been given? Any real “a-ha!!” moments?

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