be careful what you wish for....

... because it might come true!!

In our search for soil to fill the beds, we had asked the City for a donation of compost. In the meantime, some of the beds had been filled with soil from the Canadian Tire donation, so when the truck came last week and dumped over four cubic metres (i.e. a HUGE pile) of compost for us, we were filling almost every nook and cranny in the garden! Lots of work, but the garden looks GREAT!

our square foot plot - May 10

If you look closely, you can see the circle of radishes sprouting. inside that one is a ring of beets, then a ring of carrots, and a bunch of alyssum in the middle. who ever said you have to garden in rows??
this is Beng, tending to the tomatoes. note the trellis made of salvaged chain link fence in the background

Another bed of tomatoes - we've planted basil and cilantro in this as companions

this is anneke planting a pumpkin - hard to believe such a small creature will soon grow so big! (that goes for both kid and plant :)

Teomi showing off our first radish harvest! (We also harvested our first batch of mesclun, enough for about 6 gardeners to make a meal)

some had already been nibbled on before we even took them out! must look for the culprit...

and yes, even teomi tried one! she didn't like it (despite it's relatively mild flavour), but hey, it's a start!

In all, this week we planted: zucchini, marigolds, tomatoes (cheesmani, ciudad victoria, and russian rose), pumpkin (orange and ghost), broccoli, chard (thanks SPEC!), potatos (russian blue and regular), basil, wildflowers, coriander, parsnips, and yet more kale.

We look forward to doing some planting with the children from the daycare next week, let's hope the weather cooperates!!
see you next Sunday in the garden!

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