good times at city square

it's always great fun planting with little ones, playing 'name that plant' and feeling their enthusiam and curiosity about gardening, plants, and food in general. We planted most of what was planned, and it was a lot of fun...

here are a few pics from our planting with the kids from the City Hall Childcare Society -

celery with our zucchini

the kids with their radishes (which they promised me they'd try...)

planting corn! we have faith it will work....

this is a picture I found that Teomi took of our bean teepee...impressive....

there was still lots to do on Sunday -

check it out - white picket fences!

Lois doing some much needed maintenance to the kids bench

the sunny spot in the garden, the envy of all the plants...

our new gardeners, cherry and amir planting cucumbers

mmmmm, yet another delicious harvest!

it looks like it will be another beautiful week, we'll be in the garden next Sunday morning at 10, come join the fun!

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