last week's harvest - potato time!! these are russian red and standard white. Also some yellow zucchini, radishes, and lots more cherry tomatoes

they're baaaaack!!! yes, those pesky aphids have returned and are attacking the broccoli that's supposed to be for next year. a bottle of soap solution has been put in the toolshed with hopes that regular spraying will hold them off (in addition to squishing as many as possible!)

it's good that we have more planted! on the right is the latest batch of broccoli, it's the purple sprouting variety which is specially adapted for our winter climate. on the left are brussel sprouts.

not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the tomatoes have been greatly cleaned up, old yellow leaves removed so the plant can put all it's energy into ripening

and now, a look at the tomato varieties we've grown (mostly from Salt Spring seeds)

this variety is called ciudad victoria. they look nice but the taste wasn't the greatest. not sure if we'll plant again.

cheesmani - VERY productive, nice and sweet. will definitely grow again.

yellow plum, seeds saved from last year. the skin is a bit thick, but has good taste and looks great in a salad.

tasmanian yellow. my favourite of this season for it's sweet taste.

russian rose - big, beautiful, although we did have some issues with blossom end rot.

we're still waiting for the green zebra and orange tomatoes to ripen. a rainbow of tomatoes!!

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