the good and the bad

the lushness of summer....

beans! it's that time of year again to just sit back, relax, and chow down! these are purple peacock variety

the wildflowers not only look beautiful, but also aid in attracting our beneficial pollinators to the garden

unfortunately the zucchinis have succumbed to the powdery mildew...we were a bit negligent because the plants can often tolerate some level of mildew, but it was too much for these ones...

we got one ear of corn on each plant, which was amazing! too bad some one or some thing got to half of it before we did!

however we still managed to reap in a pretty good harvest! Mesclun, zucchini, corn, beans, beets, and little red and white strawberries!

not sure if you can tell by the video, but we are also dealing with an infestation of white flies. These too are mostly a problem in the greenhouse, but extreme infestations such as this can have effects on the plant, including irregular ripening of fruit. We will be monitoring the fruit closely as it ripens.

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