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Gathering the tools
We recently
realized that one of our koi, my favorite in fact, had a wound that was not healing. We've been pretty lucky with our fish over the years and have never had to take drastic measures. A few times a fish has died for no apparent reason, the rest of the time they all seem healthy and happy. Once we realized our 20 year old koi*- Kyoto is his name - was in trouble, we consulted with our friends at True Pump & Equipment and decided to isolate and medicate this special pet.

A pump with temporary fittings fills the isolation tank quickly

This small pump will be used as a bubbler to keep the water oxygenated.

Now that Kyoto's temporary home is ready, it's time to nab him. This fish net is 20" in diameter.

This time of year the water is very cold and the fish's metabolism is quite low. Essentially, they are hibernating for the winter. They move slowly and are much easier to catch!

Jim eases Kyoto into the net and walks him carefully over to the tank.

Here is a closeup: see the green leaf stuck to Kyoto's side? The green spot to the left is the wound area where algae has started to grow. Yeah, gross...

This is the medication we'll be trying. Kyoto will get a dose every day for a week.

Here's Kyoto with his pals in happier (and warmer!) days. Please send him your good wishes for a speedy recovery!

*We purchased Kyoto in 1990 right after we built our pond. He was about 4" long then, now he's nearly 2 feet long! The yellow fish at the top of the photo, Yoshi, is his "brother."

Note: this is not a paid endorsement of any company or product

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