Blogiversary Celebration!

The Art Garden blog is celebrating it's 4th anniversary today! As a special thank-you to my readers I'm giving away a copy of Durable Plants for the Garden, A Plant Select Guide

I'm a huge fan of the Plant Select® program in that it combines plant exploration, research as to regional adaptability, and timely propagation for retail availability (none of that "Gee, cool plant, too bad no one sells it!" stuff).  Although the program focuses on plants for the High Plains and intermountain states, many of them are appropriate for use in other regions as well.  Trees, shrubs, perennials - including grasses, vines, and groundcovers - and even annuals are included in the program.

Durable Plants for the Garden features the first seventy-four plants promoted by Plant Select® Each plant profile includes a detailed description with multiple color photographs, cultural requirements, recommended landscape use, etc.  I especially like the background information about why each plant was chosen and what it's advantages and disadvantages are. Go here to take a peek a some of the featured pages.  Isn't that great?! I think it's wonderfully designed, easy to use, and inspiring.

Here are a few of the Plant Select® plants that I'm growing in my garden:

Zauschneria garrettii, orange carpet hummingbird trumpet

Chamaebatiaria millifolium, fernbush

Berlandiera lyrata, chocolate flower

Sibiraea laevigata, Siberian spirea

Fallugia paradoxa, Apache plume

Phlomis cashmeriana, Cashmere sage

Veronica liwanensis, Turkish veronica
Wouldn't you like a copy of Durable Plants for the Garden for your very own?  Plant Select® has generously donated a copy for this special blogiversary drawing.  Leave a comment for me here by midnight on Tuesday, September 7th, and I'll use the Random Number Generator to select a winner.

When you're ready to purchase Plant Select® plants for your garden you can find a list of retailers here.  Plant Select® is a Colorado nonprofit organization.

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