Mushroom Patch Experiment

This week we tried planting a mushroom patch from 'mushroom spawn'.

It comes in a bag and needs to be layered with straw or hardwood chips and covered with cardboard in a moist cool place in the garden.

First we dug a space 10 inches deep to grow them in.

Laid newspaper down in the space.

Then layered the mushroom spawn with layers of straw and hardwood pieces.

Watered it, and covered it all with sheets of cardboard.

In a few weeks, once we can see the mycorrizae, we will add 2 inches of soil on top. It will be next spring before we have any mushrooms.

This type of mushroom creates a mycorrizal network of roots underground that feed beneficial nutriets to nearby plants. Plus they are edible and apparently delicious. So we hope they grow.

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