Foliage Follow Up 3.16.2011

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Foliage plays a big role in every garden, and mine is no exception. In March, the emphasis is on emergence, and I'm always thrilled to see the forms and colors that appear as plants thrust themselves out of the ground.

Here are a few favorites:

Allium sp.  I love the little hair -like structures along the edge of the leaves. Details, details...
Galium oderatum (sweet woodruff) These fresh green rosettes are so sweet.
Tradescantia occidentalis (native spiderwort) Isn't that royal purple color fantastic?!
Tulipa sp (perhaps 'Red Riding Hood'?) Who needs flowers with stripy foliage like this?
Doesn't look too exciting now, but these leaves herald the arrival of the bright red species tulips to come.
What's emerging in your garden today?
Please be sure and visit Pam at Digging for more fabulous foliage from gardens near and far!

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