You say you Want a Revolution?

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It's peak time for garden clean up; we've certainly been going at it like mad dogs here in The Art Garden! Now, what to do with all of the waste? If you want to live a greener lifestyle, then please, please, please don't put it out for the trash guy!

There are better alternatives than sending all of this organic matter to the landfill. I compost garden trimmings and kitchen scraps on a regular basis, but my spring clean-up overwhelms my system (which I recently described here) and storage space. Therefore, I’ll go to Plan B…
...Take it to a recycling facility that will use it for their compost making business. Gather up your branches, dead perennial tops, ornamental grass clippings, etc. and head to Mountain States Wood Recyclers at 2300 W. Radcliff Ave (303-789-3356). There is a minimum fee, but it’s worth it knowing that all that stuff will be recycled and “reborn” as compost, the gardener’s best friend!

Don't live in the Denver area?  A simple "yard waste disposal" Google search may introduce you to a valuable resource in your own community.

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