Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 9.15.2011

Instead of plant portraits this month, I'd like to show you the bigger picture: my September garden is lush and full of color!

View of the west border: Cerastosigma, Aster, Gaura, Oreganum and Sedum in bloom
A closer view shows how foliage plays an important role in this garden, too.
View to the east and south side of the bluegrass/clover lawn; Perovskia, Sedum, Ceratostigma, Aster and Chrysothamnus!
View across the south border, looking east: Buddleia still blooming! Sculpture by Mark Burton.
View to the "vegetable" garden: a bit of formality tames the chaos of the grass garden.
View from the patio: water lilies and water lettuce starting their slow decline.
Oh, and Lightening says "Hi!"

Thanks for visiting my garden today, and a special thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly extravaganza - visit her site for links to gardens all over the world!

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