Garden Designers Roundtable: Getting from Here to There


Gateways are the physical transition that take us from one space to another space, 
to another frame of mind, 
to another world . . .
Casa Benvenides, Taos, New Mexico

Gateways from the public space to the private;
Let your needs for security and/or privacy guide your choice of height and density.
Village of Rowdat, Afghanistan, 9.26.2011 - photo courtesy Jonathan Hooper, USDA
Classic walled garden:  RHS GardenWisley, Surrey, England - photo courtesy Elenor Welshon
The Waring House, Denver Botanic Gardens
 Taos, New Mexico
Classic picket fence: Denver, Colorado
design by Jerry Nelson Landscape and Design,Greeley, Colorado

Gateways that create a sense of place;
Let the culture of your region guide your choice of materials.
Adobe and traditional blue trim (to ward off evil spirits): Taos, New Mexico
Wood & flagstone in Denver, Colorado - design by Phase One Landscapes
Asian influenced design: northern California

Gateways  reflect your personal aesthetic;
Let the architecture of your home guide your choice of design.
Classical styling for a Georgian home - Denver, Colorado
Custom artwork (23rd Ave Sculpture Studio) for a contemporary home - Denver, Colorado
Simple contemporary styling for a mid-century home - Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Southwestern gateway styling complements home in Denver, Colorado
 Now it's up to you to make that gateway meaningful by creating a personal outdoor environment that fulfills all of your dreams!

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ETA: photo from Afghanistan;  brother-in-law working as agricultural consultant with USDA.

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