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...can be a negative thing or a positive thing. Case in point: The 200 tulip bulbs that I ordered last summer arrived last week. I had ordered them, somewhat on impulse, in the hope that I would feel compelled to plant them once they were sitting on my doorstep (I am often "too busy" to shop for, much less plant, bulbs in the fall and always regret it in the spring). Well, I was bemoaning my fate---this "horrible" planting chore---for several days. I knew that I would have to do it Saturday before the cold and wet weather hit us on Sunday. Lo and behold, I had an absolutely delightful afternoon planting those silly bulbs!! The day was fresh and warm, and the soil moisture content was perfect for easy digging. I got into that peaceful zone that only gardeners can know. All of that wasted energy spent on negative anticipation has now flipped---I am so looking forward to my new crop of tulips next spring!

Lesson learned? Get out there - in the garden - and get transformed.

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