Turkey Fry

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Well, I was all set to create a pictorial posting of our annual Thanksgiving turkey fry, but I only got one photo before I got caught up in all of the activity! We use about three gallons of oil in our frier, which we set way out on the edge of our driveway, away from the house. We also take the precaution of setting it on a piece of drywall, which absorbs the oil mess and is relatively non-flammable.

The real fun happens when our friends stop by to have their turkeys fried. We nibble on snacks (which our guests contribute as the "price of admission"!) and visit until their turkey is done cooking (about 45 minutes for a 12 lb bird), and then they're off and the next group arrives. It's a revolving door of food and fun! Our own turkey is the last one in the pot, late in the afternoon, and then we settle in for a quiet family dinner.

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