Winter Watering Tips

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This info is just slightly dated, but great advise nonetheless. It was adapted from "Front Range 2006 Precipitation," by Carl Wilson, Denver County Cooperative Extension, The Green Scene Newsletter (October 2006):

September was the eleventh month in a row with below normal precipitation in Denver and ended with precipitation for the year at 7.15 inches below normal, according to the National Weather Service. Normal precipitation through September is 13.21 inches.

What does this mean for plants?

  • Plant roots require moisture throughout the growing season and in the case of perennials and woody plants, throughout the year. Don't be thrown off by local precipitation rates that may imply adequate moisture when totals may have been inflated by single events.
  • Dig down and check that adequate moisture is present throughout the soil profile to an 8-12 inch depth.
  • If moisture is not found, water the plants.
  • Make sure that woody plants in particular enter the winter months with adequate moisture and that as winter progresses, plants are monitored and watered as needed.
  • Pay special attention to recently installed plants and evergreens.

'Prairie Sky' switch grass (Panicum virgatum 'Prairie Sky')

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