March Madness

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We have been busy starting seeds and thinking about what to grow for this upcoming season. Most of our seeds that we have sown so far have come from West Coast Seeds ( We are meeting every week to do some successional planting so that we have a continuous harvest.

So far this is what we have planted:
Feb 21 2008
Spinach (cv. Olympia - 45 days)
Peas (cv. Snow Green - 100 days)
Looseleaf lettuce (cv. Aminsh Deer Tongue *Heirloom variety - 31 days)

March 5 2008
Lettuce (cv. Baby Green - 70 days)
Lettuce blend (Super Gourmet Salad - 60 - 80 days)
Kale (seeds from Salt Spring Island)
Kale (cv. Red Russian - 50 days)
Kale (rainbow Tuscan - 65 days)
Arugula (30 - 40 days)
Swiss Chard (cv. Fordhook Giant - 60 days)
Swiss Chard (cv. Rhubarb Chard - 60 days)
Swiss Chard (cv. Silverado - 50 days),
Oriental Greens Blend
Shelling peas (Oregon Trail 115 days)
Snap peas (Snow Green - 100 days)

Vicky, Carole, Tara and Betsy brainstorming on what to sow.

Vicky gazing at the seeds we sowed on February 21. Misting beds are amazing.

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