New! Garden Coaching

Spring has sprung! I always think of spring as a time for new beginnings, so today seems like the ideal opportunity to announce my new garden coaching service.

Coaching is the new buzz word in the gardening world that is defined and interpreted in different ways by different people. For my purposes, garden coaching is simply a great umbrella term that encompasses the new hands-on educational services that I am now offering to my clients along with my consultations and landscape designs. Whereas during a design consultation I will look, listen, and advise, a garden coaching session will be more activity oriented.

Here are examples of the learning activities that could be explored in a garden coaching session:

Personal Shopping Guide – retail suppliers only
· Plants
· Decorative boulders
· Hardscape materials
· Pots
· Trellises, arbors, fountains, etc
· Mulch; organic or rock
· Soil amendments

Plan Realization:
· Planting bed layout
· Plant siting (placement)

Planting Instruction:
· Specific techniques for specific plants

Maintenance Techniques:
· Perennial flower care; deadheading and dividing
· Spring and fall clean-up
· Pruning for shrubs
· Fall tree wrapping

My hope is that garden coaching will be the “show and tell” experience that will give my clients the confidence to move forward and implement their own landscape and garden improvements.

After all, happy gardeners make for happy gardens!

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