Still Sowing

Things have been busy with our Food Safety and Security Committee. We met last week and went over what needs to be done. Our biggest priorities are preparing for City Square Garden and the SPEC rooftop garden. We are also in the midst of developing workshops related to companion planting and vertical gardening.

Meeting at City Square Garden (6 March 2008)

Food Safety and Security Meeting (10 March 2008)

We started some more seeds on 12 March including:
Spinach (cv. Olympia - 45 days)
Italian Parsley
Marigold (cv. Bolero)
Marigold (cv. Crackerjack)
Eggplant (Asian trio - 60 - 70 days)(
Tomatillo (
Tomatoes (a whole bunch of varieties including brandy wine, sweetie, purple tomato, orange blossom, Italian pompeii, lollipop, early season, pears, double rich, morgage lifters, garden candy and salt spring nigeria)

Don't forget to turn your compost or else mildew can build up (see container on left)

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