Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day 6.15.2012

Many areas of Colorado's Front Range have been hit with severe hail storms this past month. Luckily, my garden has only had to cope with the endless, drying winds. Here are a few highlights of what's blooming right now --- my favorites that are tough and reliable, regardless of the crazy weather:

Dalea purpureum, purple prairie clover
Glaucium flavum, horned poppy
Nymphaea spp, hardy waterlily
Callirhoe involucrata, poppy mallow
Echinops ritro, globe thistle
Penstemon pinefolius 'Mersea Yellow', yellow pine-leaf penstemon

I hope you and your garden is faring well during the glorious month of June! Click here to join other garden bloggers via our host, Carol, of May Dreams Gardens.

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