Media Madness

Whew, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but I wanted to share with you a couple of projects I've been involved with recently. Last weekend I represented the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado on KMGH TV Denver's Channel 7 (ABC network affiliate).  The topic was "Improving Curb Appeal and Your Home's Value with Landscaping."  Here's the video clip:

I've also started writing for, an interactive web magazine that focuses on architecture and design.  My articles will feature gardening information and plants for the Rocky Mountain Region. Click on the Houzz button  — there on the right — anytime to follow along or see what's new. Here's my latest article, a profile of Chamaebatiara millefolium, fernbush.

fernbush at Kendrick Lake park in Lakewood, Colorado

To all of my friends in the scorched West: stay cool, stay safe, and may your gardens bring you peace.

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