Powdery Mildew Tips from the YWCA Rooftop Garden

We put our summer out early, just like everything else at the YWCA Rooftop Food Garden.  A combination of row covers and black plastic mulch (we re-used black trash bags) kept them nice and warm, and hopefully will keep the encroaching horsetail at bay.  Squashes are starting to emerge, but so is powdery mildew thanks to our rainy BC springs.

The first 'Soleil' yellow squash starting to emerge

pesky powdery mildew

these small round zucchinis are called '8-Ball'
To counteract the powdery mildew, we've been mixing up a foliar spray of 1 part kefir (or milk) to about 3 parts water, and it seems to be helping.  The downsides of this method?  You have to spray about once a week and a sunny day can smell a bit like baby vomit.  Small price to pay for healthy squash though!

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